Daniel Michael | Creative Director | Melbourne, Australia

Dan’s passion since the dawn of time has been writing, computers, motorcycles and music. He learnt BASIC on a Tandy TRS16 before he was 10 years old, and has had the programming bug ever since. He graduated from University as an adult with a Masters in Digital Media and has a long career in Corporate Communications where he honed his editorial, publishing and social media marketing skills.

WP Envision sees him use all of these experiences to bring together the creative and art direction for the projects they create. Easy going, lover of animals, especially his two rescue fur-babies, fascinated by primary colours and a love for Van Goph.

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Subash Dharel | Lead Designer | Kathmandu, Nepal

Subash has a young family that totally own his creative spirit. If baby isn’t eating, sleeping or feeling 100% then neither is he!

One of those annoyingly talented types who can cross over from designing in Sketch to creating pixel perfect layers in PhotoShop, to front end development with beautifully coded HTML & CSS.

Also owner of fur babies.

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